nedjelja, 18. prosinca 2011.

A Little Bit of Christmas Spirit :)

                                                                      Janis Page


                                                   June Haver loves Santa Claus - c. 1950s

                                                          Joan Crawford - Christmas 1929

                                                       Lucille Ball - Christmas 1930s

                                               Ida Lupino does her Christmas shopping - 1939

                                                  Claire Trevor - Christmas 1930s

                                                    Ida Lupino and Santa Claus - 1942

                                Walt Disney, wife Lillian, and Mickey Mouse on a Winter vacation - 1935

                                            Dorothy Jordan and Gwen Lee - Christmastime 1920s

                                                 Cyd Charisse and a cute friend - Christmas 1940s

                                                           Lassie, Christmas 1945.

                                                         Cyd Charisse wit gifts

 Althought I don't celebrate Christmas, I love the Christmas spirit that reigned in the month of December.
Santa Claus, snow, snowman, Christmas tree, decorations, gifts, Christmas cakes - aaahhhh wonderful.
December is a really special month.
This post is dedicated to the Christmas spirit. - There are divas of old Hollywood, Disney, Mickey Mouse, Chrstmas cards... Enjoy :)))

With love Pippy! <3

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  1. oh darling what a fabulous post!!! i loved lassie when i was younger hehe and gosh all this ladies look so gorgous!
    love and kiss,mary

  2. Thank you for your Christmas pictures.They brought me into the right Christmas spirit.

  3. Hehe, baš se vidi da voliš Božić, divne slike :)

  4. Glamorous and lovely, just like you! x

  5. Lovely post! Such beautiful women. I love the Christmas spirit too :)