petak, 22. srpnja 2011.

Viva la Vintage!!!

I love these girl so much. She is amazing. Love her style, clothes, shoes, everything. <3 Vintage!

"Vintage in Paris"

What a wonderful day!!!

These are pictures of me, my sister, and cousin. Yesterday we spent a wonderful day together. We were walking by the river Una,  went for an icecream, and of course we took some  pictures together: We really enjoyed the day ....

My cousin and I :
Azra and Selma


četvrtak, 21. srpnja 2011.

Pin up bandana!

Who doesn't love pin up bandana? 

Look how to make pin up bandana ...
Try and enjoy!!!!!!

In my world!

Just love!

. I have bags for every occasion. I love all bags, but especially litlle vintage bags. I've got leather bags, some with dots, flowers, bows ...I love the bags that look like small suitcase, they are so vintage..I've got few of them.

I love bags <3!